What It Visit E-Tourism Central Java? Culture and Tourism Central Java Indonesia

Bissmillah, its article about What It Visit E-Tourism Central Java? Culture and Tourism Central Java Indonesia, a nation of good Culture and Tourism in country Indonesia. You know about it? Its a temple the largest in the world. The temple is located in borobodur vilage, Magelang Regency, Central Java Indonesia. If you want here, you must running away of 42 metres high (10 storeys), displaying reliefs measuring over 1 kilometre. According to history book this, the oldest civilaztion, is characterized by its trapezium architecture, such as seen at the chichen itza pyramide in yucatan, mexico. Accordingly, indonesia has the sukuh temple with a smiliar architecture.
  • Its located at Sukuh Village, Karanganyar Regency, Central Java Indonesia.
    • The temple reliefs show erotic depictions of naked figures and headless characters (Gupala Statue).
    • Know "The Last Temple", it was the final temple built before the fall the majapahit empire in Central Java Indonesia.
Karang Anyar, Central Java Indonesia. It was built during the hindu majapahit kingdom's golden age in the 15TH century. You know about word "Cheto"? In the javanese language means clearly visible. Futhermore, it indicates that from the village, people cloud clearly observe the three surrounding mountains, mount merbau, mount merapi, and mount lawu. In addition, people can see the peaks of mount sindoro and mount sumbing. Hmm.. cetho reliefs are decorated with giant turtle, the sun (probably symbol of the sun of majapahit kingdom) with its ampallang piercing. A rought carving of a turtle shape (symbolizes request or demands to god). Sambisari Temple. The temple is located at the north of the Yogyakarta - Solo main road, about 12 kilometres east of Yogyakarta City. Its estimated to have been built in 812-838 CE durring the hindu mataram or ancient mataram kingdom, ruled by king Rakai Garung from Syailendra Dynasty. Sambisari is a unique temple, located 6,5 metres beneath the earth's surface. Thus, its also know as the underground temple. However, experts predict that is was initialy. Above the earth, like other temples. But the temple may have been buried when the region was covered by volcanic ash after mount merapi's eruption in 1006 ad. Keraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat. Keraton, or kraton in javanese, means palace. One of the fomous keratons is kraton ngayogyakarta hadiningrat, or yogyakarta palace. The palace remain remains well preserved, with its physical building, fungtions, traditions, and social system intact. Physically, the palace of sultan yogya consists of seven main complexes, the siti hinggil ler (north hall). Kamandhungan ler (north kamandhungan), sri manganti, kedhaton, kemangangan, kamandhungan kidul (south kamandhungan), and siti hinggil kidul (south hall). Bengawan Solo, And To The Distance The River Flows. Begawan solo was and still is a famous song created by Gesang Martohartono of Centar Java Indonesia. The japanese and the polish people used these songs to amplify their sense of patriotism. Emperor hirohito awarded a special recognition for this song and its author. The song begawan solo was written in 1940 by Gesang Martoharto in Central Java Indonesia. This song is a celebration of a great river in java called begawan solo, which stretches over 543, 8 km through the major pulse of java. Its the longest river on java island, with two headwaters from south hills, wonogiri and ponorogo and ends as creek in gresik. Finally its article about Wonderful Indonesia. What It Visit E-Tourism Central Java? Culture and Tourism Central Java Indonesia" - For information, you can visit website www.central-java-tourism.com or www.indonesia.travel. God Luck. Wassalam
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